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HYBRID | Space King


Hybrid –  Sativa Dominant | THC: 23% – 25%


  • Taste/ Smell: Earthy, Citrusy, Sweet.
  • High: Potent Cerebral Effect, Euphoric, Motivational, Mental Fluidity.
  • Good For: Creative Thinking, Socializing, Outdoors Activities, Daytime High.  

Space King is a wonderful hybrid cross of Space Queen and Fruity Pebbles, made to bring smokers on a wonderful cosmic ride! The bright green buds are absolutely shrouded in vibrant orange hairs and coated in sticky resin and crunchy crystal alike. Fruity and potent, Space King marijuana was bred to delight users with its rushing but mellow high, leaving the mind racing with positive thoughts and hyper-focus. This strain is known to ignite creative juices and energy with many reports of users feeling clear-headed and focused, light years away from their problems. Motivational and euphoric, Space King cannabis offers an uncharacteristically mellow Sativa high in smaller doses. In larger doses, Space King marijuana tends to be a little mind-warping. Towards the end of the high, smokers will feel relaxed and a little drowsy.

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The scientists and technicians at Space Craft Cannabis have been honing their craft for eons in an effort to create and produce cannabis at a level of quality that is rarely matched. Not only do they go to great lengths to perfect the rearing of their plants but they also spend a ton of time and resources in creating new and exciting strains in a never ending hunt for excellent novel genetics. What this hard work produces is custom bred strains as well the best of other breeders’ stables grown to the pinnacle of each strains genetic potential. Extreme care is taken every step of the way from seedling to final cure in order to ensure the best possible product gets to the user untainted by chemicals and unmolested by abuse. They treat each bud like Golum’s ring until we hand it over to you. It's precious. Enjoy.

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