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CBD | 100mg Mixed Fruit Gummies | ¿GUMMIES?


Buy THC and CBD Gummies online from Canada’s most trusted source!

Gummies are made with fresh and tasty ingredients that are accurately dosed to provide mouth watering chewy and delicious medicinal gummies, but be careful, you won’t be able to get enough! Remember eating Cannabis metabolizes differently, that is why our relatively lower dose allows you to tailor your level of medication while also enjoying the undeniable deliciousness of our ?Gummies? candy.

Available in CBD 100mg and THC 100mg (15 gummies per pack)


Are THC and CBD Gummies Different From Smoking?

If you’re vaping or smoking cannabis, you’ll feel effects right away. When you consume edibles it metabolizes differently: Your body needs time to digest, metabolize, and absorb the cannabinoid compounds. Depending on your metabolism, body weight, and many other factors, it could take well over an hour before edible effects are noticeable.

Here’s how THC and CBD is absorbed into your body through edibles:

  1. After traveling down your esophagus, the delicious edible lands in your stomach.
  2. The edible is digested by acids and enzymes that break it down into its component parts, including THC.
  3. The THC is absorbed through the lining of the stomach and taken to the liver.
  4. In the liver, THC is transformed into 11-Hydroxy-THC, which is like super-THC. It’s more potent and can cross the blood-brain barrier more easily than THC that’s been inhaled.

Portion control: How Much Should I Eat?

Patience is a virtue and a necessity when you’re eating edibles. Whether you’re new to all systems of cannabis delivery or you’re just new to edibles, you should start with the lowest amount possible. Consider cutting a piece in half to start. Save the rest for later. (It’ll still be just as good, we promise.)

By many people’s standards, 5mg of THC is considered a “low” or “micro-dose,” while 10mg of THC is a standard dose. For those experienced with edibles, more than 10mg is a strong starting point with great pain relief and deep relaxation effects.

If you are looking for an edible experience that does not get you high, try a CBD edible. It is also beneficial to mix CBD with a small amount of THC, this is called the entourage effect. Tinctures are another great way to microdose Cannabis, check out our Liquid Gold Drops.

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CBD 100mg, THC 100mg