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Space Craft Cannabis | Space Cookies OG



60% Indica / 40% Sativa / THC level: 18-22% / CBD level: <0.1%

  • Taste/ Smell: Lemon peel, grapefruit, toasted nuts, licorice root, star anise 
  • High: Medium stone, easily caught daydreaming, floating thoughts, creative ideas connect easily, not sharp but still focused, no weight behind the eyes, no buzz or particular feeling in the head. 
  • Good For: Creative projects, critical thinking or analyzing a process, nature walks, watching a documentary, journaling, meditation or reflective thinking, building a workflow or system. 

Space Cookies Cannabis combines the relaxed euphoria and distinctive flavor of GSC, a modern American classic, with an injection of afghan genetics added to the mix. The stable genetics of Space Cookies make this plant a superb addition to any indoor grow room setup. She is a medium sized plant that will grow without much encouragement and is relatively easy to manage which is good news for those new to growing. Experienced cultivators will appreciate the uniformity of this plant and the clusters of tight and resinous buds formed throughout its side branches. Initial bushy growth is followed by moderate stretching and this is a cannabis variety that will respond particularly well to training. Grown outdoors, Space Cookies is graceful but practical too. She naturally loves the sun of southern and Mediterranean regions but comes with good mold and pest resistance qualities – a fine coat that protects her from the less friendly climate in northern regions (sometimes displaying a flash of purple when conditions are cooler). Taste is a big factor, characterized by sweet and pine tones that layer the palate. But strength also oozes through this plant, thanks to its lineage, and intense relaxation soon follows, accompanied by a sense of everlasting happiness.

Available in 3.5 Grams (sample size) and 28 Grams packs.

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SPACE COOKIES OG CANNABIS "Amazing Taste and Flavor"


The scientists and technicians at space craft cannabis have been honing their craft for eons in an effort to create and produce cannabis at a level of quality that is rarely matched. Not only do they go to great lengths to perfect the rearing of their plants but they also spend a ton of time and resources in creating new and exciting strains in a never ending hunt for excellent novel genetics. What this hard work produces is custom bred strains as well the best of other breeders’ stables grown to the pinnacle of each strains genetic potential. Extreme care is taken every step of the way from seedling to final cure in order to ensure the best possible product gets to the user untainted by chemicals and unmolested by abuse. We treat each bud like Golum’s ring until we hand it over to you. Its precious. Enjoy.

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3.5 Grams, 1 Ounce


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