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Original CMPND Mushrooms | DelOs


The Original CMPND is a well-balanced formula for the beginner, designed specifically to address common complaints when using psilocybin such as gastro-intestinal discomfort and anxiety. Explorers report feelings of relaxation, serenity and an overall sense of peace and calm. Great for walks, meditation, or just enjoying your favorite leisurely activity with friends.

20 Capsules Per Bottle.

100mg / Psilocybin cubensis
100mg (10:1) / Hericium erinaceus (Lions Mane)
100mg (10:1) / Centella asiatica  (Gotu Kola)
100mg (10:1) / Passiflora incarnata (Passionflower)
50mg (10:1) / Matricaria (Chamomile)
50mg (10:1) / Piper methysticum (Kava Kava)




DelOs is an experience brand with a focus on combining herbal medicines with psilocybe mushrooms to facilitate entheogenic explorations.

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3.5 Grams, 1 Ounce